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About us

    We are excited to have you visit us at Krazy Kasbh. Krazy Kasbh started in 2017 on Facebook.  

      A little about the Owners, Kole and Ms Amanda.  Kole and Ms Amanda like to joke they are the longest one night stand you will ever meet.  They met in college in 1992 (yes it started as a one night stand)  and have been together ever since.  They have been married since 1994, rasied a family and enjoy spending time together just as much today as they did when they first met.

       Back to Krazy Kasbh, The owners Kole and Ms Amanda had been in the Lifestyle for 5 years.  During those five years they witnessed a gradual change  in the Lifestyle.  A change that was not completely positive.  With more groups starting Facebook groups, it seemed like more cliques were forming.  It felt like if you were not "the popular kids" then your experience in the lifestyle suffered.  Kole and Ms Amanda also witnessed how hard it was for new couples and individuals to be excepted in with established groups and clubs.  It also seemed that people were making the lifestyle harder than it really needed to be.

     So March 17th, 2017, Krazy Kasbh was born.  Also born that day was the concept of Swinging with attitude.  Kole and Ms Amanda were determined to change the lifestyle, and they did not care what the naysayers said.  This is where our logo came from.  Kole and Ms Amanda flipped the bird to those that just could not see a better way and  sounded the call to those that were tired of cliques and the status quo.  They have never looked back!

     Change is never easy and this change has been no different, but the rewards have been amazing!  Since that first night, Krazy Kasbh has grown to include 5 different Facebook pages,  a radio show, Krazy Truth podcast and more.  Our Facebook pages have over 4000 members (members from every state and over 8 countries),  Krazy Truth podcast has dedicated following of nearly 8000 people and our radio reaches several thousand each week.  We have added our yearly Krazy Winter Nights party, we are anticipating close to 800 people for 2020 and finally we are looking forward to awarding the second annual Kasbh Lifestyler of the Year award.

     Our work is not done.  We have made great strides, and will continue to do more to bring the Kink and Swinger Lifestylers together.  We will continue our push for a safer, more all inclusive lifestyle for everyone.