Krazy Winter Nights

Krazy Winter 2022 is in the early planning stages. We are taking all of your suggestions and looking at how we can make it even better this year. We learned so much from 2020 and we can not wait to show you!

Krazy Winter Nights is our once a year formal Hotel Takeover. 

When Krazy Kasbh first started, we decided we were NOT going to have parties and events, we only wanted to focus on growing the group and being supportive to all of the other events, put on by other clubs, groups and individual. Krazy Kasbh was rapidly changing the lifestyle, and we found our members wanted a party or an event that was also different, but one that supported all our ideas of inclusion and safety

So, the seeds to the First Krazy Winter Nights were planted! When we asked our members what type of event they wanted, the answer was a resounding Formal event! A true celebration of everything that is Krazy Kasbh.

Our very first party was a Hotel take over 2 weeks before Christmas, that first event was truly magical! We had no idea how far Krazy Winter Nights would go, we still do not but we are having a ton of fun finding out. From 350 people and one night the 1st year we have grown to a full weekend event with Seminars, a full dungeon, trade show, multiply themed night events, after hours parties and over 800 attendees!!!!! 

Not only that, but we were so excited to be the Winner of the 2019 ASN lifestyle magazine party theme of the year award!

So, what is in store for Krazy Winter Nights 4?
Safety is always our number one priority and so we had no choice but to cancel the 2021 KWN. 

What does that mean going forward?
It means we have had even more time to plan Krazy Winter Nights 4 2022! 

Make sure you follow the link below to our special Krazy Winter Nights website so you can keep up to date on the event. We promise you will not be disappointed! Get ready for the best Krazy Winter Nights ever!

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