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Krazy Truth podcast

Krazy Truth is our weekly podcast.  Our goal has always been to make the lifestyle better.  We believe that providing answers to all your questions is the best way to do that.  So make sure you tune in every week as we take a fun and unique approach to answering your questions.  As we say before every show, If you are easily offended this is not the show for you!

Where can I listen to Krazy Truth

The Krazy Truth Podcast can be found anywhere you listen to your podcasts.  We are on TuneIn, Itunes, Google Play, Spreaker and many more.  We are adding more locations everyday.  You can also go to and find our entire library of shows!!!

But wait... There is more

We have a couple of other places that you can check out our show.  You can listen to our show every Monday at 3 pm CST on our radio show on SLS radio ( or possibly you would like to see our show.  You can visit our Kasbh YouTube channel , subscribe and watch Krazy Truth ( 

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We make it easy to follow us while you are the go!  Yep we are all over social media!!




Support Krazy Truth

We love all the support all of our fans give us.  Each time you listen, send us your questions and tell your friends about us.  We can't thank you enough.  We are asked all the time,  how someone can help us beyond just listening.  The best ways are to purchase our merch and support our patreon.  You can get the merch on this site and you can visit our  patreon at: 

Sponsorship of Krazy Truth

We love working with our sponsors of the show.  If you would like to get more information on how your business, group or club can become a sponsor of Krazy Truth, send us an email at: .Put sponsor in the subject line and send us a note and one of our highly trained staff will contact you.