Sponsorship/advertising opportunities

     To start thank you for coming to our page and hopefully listening to our show.  We take a lot of pride in providing a show that will really improve the quality of the Lifestyle for everyone.  Yes we do it in our own unique way, we understand variety is the spice of life and we give our listeners variety!

    It has always been important to us to work with business's, of all sizes, that are either Lifestyle owned, Lifestyle Friendly or offer products and services our listener need and want.  This commitment comes from our desire to truly promote a community and not just a show.  We have taken this a step further and offer sponsorship's of our show but also at our other events.

      We are able to offer your company a unique opportunity to reach over 13,000 members of the lifestyle every single week.  You did read that right!  We currently reach 13,000 members of the lifestyle all across the country every single week and they are looking for quality companies like yours to do business with.

     We have several different packages, packages to fit your companies budget regardless of how big or small your company is.  Just like our commitment to put out a quality show to our listeners we are equally committed to giving our sponsors the max exposure possible for your money.  We make it a priority to utilize all of our different medias to get your message seen!  

     Let me invite you to contact us today so we can discuss an advertising/sponsorship package that will fit your companies needs.  We are excited to hear from you and look forward to partnering with you in the near future!