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Kasbh Safe

Kasbh Safe is the buddy system in the Lifestyle.

Krazy Kasbh
Krazy Kasbh
Krazy Kasbh - Kasbh Safe

We all know and appreciate how important discretion is in our personal lives. 

Kasbh Safe is the buddy system in the Lifestyle. We all know and appreciate how important discretion is in our personal lives. This is even more important when talking about Non-Monogamy. So many times, many if not most of our friends and family are not a part of this area of our lives. Unlike regular dating, we are more likely to not share with others when we are going to meet someone for the first time. 

Although discretion is important, SAFETY should still be our top priority, for both men and women. 

This is the reason for Kasbh Safe, now you can fill out the form giving the information about who you are meeting, where you are meeting and when you are meeting. You can put as much information about the person as you know including a picture and submit the form. 

Your information is then sent to our team, still confidential, but with someone knowing where you are. At the end of the night you check back in with Kasbh Safe. What happens if you do not check back in? We will send you a text and then an email. If we do not get a response, the person you list as the contact person to be notified will then be contacted via text after 12 hours to do a wellness check. 

Beyond just knowing: Once you submit the form, Kasbh Safe will send you an email that says you’re using Kasbh Safe, so the proper authorities would be able to reach out if the information was needed. Kasbh Safe is not an emergency system; you still do your research before meeting anyone new. Also, you should use safe practices when meeting someone. 

Kasbh Safe is an option for individuals to use and have the peace of mind they are not alone.

Use the form below to set up Kasbh Safe for your adventure