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Event Safety, Rules & Waiver

Download and Sign Forms Below for Event Entry

Safety Consent

The safety of all our guests and staff are the top priority at all the events Kasbh Inc puts on. It is our responsibility to ensure that we do everything possible to always provide a safe environment. Below is our procedures and protocols for all our events.



Kasbh inc takes a two-prong approach to security, we have an onsite professional security company with the number of staff based upon the size and number of tickets sold for an event. We also utilize Volunteers ( Our Kadettes and Knights) to provide additional resources for our guests to reach out to in the case of an emergency. Our volunteers are educated to on whom to inform in a situation. (Our Professional security team). We also make sure the event planners are always available in case of an emergency. In certain cases, we work with the location’s security staff as well.

No tickets are sold at the door. All tickets are purchased prior to events and require credit cards with actual full names and addresses. We also require the information of spouses or guests, so we have a full record of everyone that is in attendance. This also allows us to insure any previously blocked or banned individuals are not able to attend.

All guests are required to sign our List of rules and regulation for every event. Insuring a clear understand of all the establishments and Kasbh’s rules and consequences for breaking rules.

Kasbh Inc also provides a “safe table” (at inside events) the safe table allows you “check in” your drink versus leaving it unattended. Your drink is then tested before it is given back to you to insure it is Clear of any outside substances. The safe table is also a place to come to if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable or need help. The safe table staff is educated on proper procedures to handle situations.

Kasbh inc works with all establishments on enforcement and insuring guests are monitored for levels of intoxication.

Kasbh inc does have a nurse or several nurses on site at events, depending on the size of the events. In the case of need for medical attention the proper services will be contacted.

Kasbh inc will work to have Uber or other forms of transportation available in case a guest is impaired and can not drive.

Kasbh inc maintains relationships with services that provide testing for STD’s/STI’s and encourages all members to get tested prior to and after events. Kasbh inc also maintains condoms at events for anyone that needs them.

In the case of concern about the sexual health of a guest at our event, we will ask for a current full panel results no older then 7 days prior to the event. Failure to provide this information will result in the guest not being able to attend the event.

Although we cannot plan for every possible situation, Kasbh Inc has taken great pride in developing a system to help improve the safety at all our events and the increase the overall enjoyment of attending a Kasbh event.

Refund Policy

All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, unless you purchase the REFUNDABLE TICKET OPTION (per ticket).
REFUNDABLE TICKET OPTION upon purchase (per ticket) you can get a refund up to 10 days prior to the event. 10 days or less from the event you will be issued a Kasbh Credit only. Kasbh Credit can be used to purchase products from or applied towards the ticket at a different event.