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Kasbh's Rant Podcast

The big question when the topic of doing a second show came up was, why?  We are very straight forward on our Krazy Truth About Swinging, so what would we even talk about and why would anyone care.  Would it be unique enough to be interesting? 

Krazy Kasbh
Krazy Kasbh
Kasbh Rant

The goal of Kasbh’s Rant is the same as Krazy Truth About Swinging, to educate and improve the lifestyle.  The difference is the approach.  Kasbh’s Rant gives Kole the opportunity to go full balls to the wall with his opinions on some of the current topics in the lifestyle and life.  

Ms Amanda does a good job at holding Kole in check on Krazy Truth About Swinging, but Kasbh’s Rant is Kole with out adult supervision. People find Kole’s personal opinions and perspectives very unique and entertaining. Tune in for his weekly show, and you decide for yourself. 


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